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Greetings, and welcome to HeartOnSleeve Review.

What is HeartOnSleeve Review?  Who are we? We are a group of women wanting to share our writing with you, our readers.  We are diverse, we are unique, and we are talented. Poetry, flash fiction, non-fiction, hell, we will even share our favorite recipes with you.

The point behind this site is to show case our writing, and the amazing women behind the words.  Authors are, in no particular order:

Jules Archer, Jamie Sughroue, Lynn Beighley, Marda Miller, Mary Alston Capps, Harley May, and Erin Hoffmeyer.

As Jules so eloquently puts it: we write to annoy you. We aren’t here to earn your affection; we are here to do what we do best, and that is to write. 

Enjoy. Or don’t. That’s entirely up to you.


HeartOnSleeve Review


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