Deal With It


May 19, 2011 by Marda

If I want you in my life, you will be in my life.

If I deleted you from Skype, it was for a reason.

If you cannot see my Facebook wall, it means that I do not want you to see it.

If you have my phone number, consider yourself lucky.

If I ignore your text messages it is probably because I am avoiding you, which is easier than telling you how I really feel.

And, I am not sorry. This is just who I am.


4 thoughts on “Deal With It

  1. Lynn Beighley says:

    So damn girly. So damn true.

  2. Lynn Beighley says:

    And I’m currently not on gchat. Avoiding someone.

  3. Marda says:

    Avoidance is my middle name; I am REALLY good at it.

  4. Mary says:

    Hahaha so true!

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